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MZ Forest Tote

MZ Forest Tote

This versatile Tote has a sleek silhouette but can easily carry gym clothes or carry your laptop around with you. It has two leather straps, a zip closure and a lined interior with one pocket.

Forest features Zapotec arrows and diamonds in gold, burgundy on a green wool. Designed by artisans Josefina + Paco.

17" x 15" x 4"
100% Wool

All MZ fair trade hand bags are lovingly handmade in support of the slow fashion movement and conscious consumerism. Their unique, statement handbags are made for premium wool and handcrafted by skilled artisans to satisfy you passion for style whether it's tribal, festival, southwestern, boho or a style all your own. LOVEleigh Designs does not make these bags, we are fortunate enough to carry these masterpieces and help to support the incredibly talented artisans who make them right here in Mexico.
155 USD
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