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Lili Earrings Gold Filled

Lili Earrings Gold Filled

Hand shaped and hammered gold-filled tear drop hoop earrings adorned with beautiful citrine gemstones and finished with gold-filled earring hooks.

Moonstones are an excellent stone to use in meditation to help understand oneself. They can help activate the third eye chakra and crown chakra by enhancing ones intuition. Moonstones are very personal stones. They are a reflection of the person who owns it. They do not add or detract, only show how it is. This is why the moonstone is said to perceive that which "is". Placing moonstones in the moonlight of a moon reaching its fullness can revitalize them.

Citrine is known as the lucky "Merchants Stone". If you are in any type of sales, just put a citrine in the cash drawer and watch what happens.

Hand Made in Bend, OR by LUXreve.

Only ONE pair available.

75 USD
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