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LOVEleigh Designs is a hand made clothing company based out of Canada, Mexico & Australia. The company was started by Morgan Leigh, who with a background in Human Rights, wanted to combined the unlikely pairing of Fashion & Human Rights. Morgan hand sews all pieces herself, and was taught how to sew at a young age, by her Mum, Patti.

At the centre of the company is these concept of not only making unique, hand made women's clothing, inspired by the casual yet gorgeous life next to the sea, but also to create a brand that inspires consciousness & the urge to give back. A portion from LOVEleigh sales goes towards different development projects that are close to Morgan's heart.

LOVEleigh Designs began to grow when Morgan was working in Malawi, running a clean water project. The incredible textiles she saw during her time in Africa inspired her creativity immensely, but the depths of poverty she lived amongst proved to be so impactful it would change her forever.

From fabrics Morgan purchased in Africa from women in local markets (Malawi, Tanzania/Zanzibar & Zambia) Morgan created a limited edition "Africa Collection." Creating timeless, stunning pieces, for the western market and beyond. A percentage of all sales from these pieces went to putting a young Malawian boy through school (and fed & housed him) for two years.

With the incredible support of the company over the next few years, Morgan would see herself running and funding small development projects. Reaching out and helping women & children in Indonesia, Zambia, Mexico, Australia, Malawi, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Canada, Portugal, Greece & Morocco in numerous capacities, made Morgan's passion for LOVEleigh Designs grow even deeper.

Moving to Mexico four years ago Morgan was put in touch with a local orphanage in Todos Santos. From then on Morgan worked with the kids here, teaching them art class, celebrating, painting, and being creative with these kids. A percentage of all of her sales were donated to the orphanage. When the orphanage closed Morgan started working with Migrant Agricultural Workers Groups, and then found her place at a women's collective in Cabo San Lucas called Sarahuaro. Here underprivileged women are taught how to sew, speak english as well as 300+ kids are fed daily.

Opening a flagship store was a first for LOVEleigh Designs. But here in Pescadero (Baja Sur Mexico), the store blossomed from a little store to a thriving artisan collective. Morgan started discovering new talented artisans in the area. "Working with the local artisans down here gives me a sense of belonging and intense inspiration. Many of these people survive on their art as their sole income, and in order to provide for their families they depend on the sales of their treasures to be able to afford to put food on the table." The brand has grown originally from being just LOVEleigh Designs, to a Collective that works with nearly 30 local artisans, predominantly local (Mexico), showcasing their working and helping them to generate an income.

Every single piece in the store is hand selected due to its ethics, its style and its sustainability. Everything in LOVEleigh Designs is here for a reason, and gives back to someone in need. Each piece is hand made, with care and consideration for not only the artisan making it but also for this beautiful planet of ours.

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Thank you to everyone for your support and for demanding the ethics behinds brands like the ones we have in our store. It is the consumer that is changing the face of the fashion industry and supporting small business, and locally made, only makes the world a better place. So thank YOU for helping us to give back to those in need.

xx Morgan Leigh
Owner of LOVEleigh Designs